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When death is a desert sunrise away, and survival depends on trust, the most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself.

Available June 2009 from
Medallion Press


How can you trust your heart when it calls your enemy, lover?

Available June 2008 from
Medallion Press

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Dangerous Lies    

Marianne Forster was only spending time with a gorgeous man in the hot sun of Morocco.
It wasn’t anything more than that – until she was kidnapped on the way home.

In the fatal heat of the Sahara Desert, Alan Waring extracts a smart card from a laptop computer held in the hands of a baked corpse. This is his assignment. This is what he does best. The information this card holds changes the rest of his life. What was once just a job turns into a life-altering experience that brings him in touch with his inner spirit and a woman who reaches into his very soul. When she accidentally walks off with his bag and the precious data it contains, Alan must pursue this vulnerable woman into the dangerous clutches of the Algerian enemy to save his career and to protect the passion of his heart.

Mari Forster has always dreamed of visiting Morocco. Grieving over the death of her father, she visits a dilapidated home once owned by her grandfather. In the decayed, neglected courtyard of this abandoned residence, she encounters Alan. She doesn’t anticipate meeting the man who will bring vigor and joy back into her life. Nor does she realize her chance interlude is with an undercover agent.

Alan senses Mari’s loneliness and cannot focus on his assigned task. Under the scorching sun on treacherous arid terrain, he discovers that Mari fills a void inside that the thrill-seeking part of his character has never acknowledged. He must be her hero . . . or they both will die.

Available NOW from Medallion Press.

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(Note from Anna – I’m so happy about this one, I’m giving you more of a ‘snippet’ than I usually do, please excuse me!)

Holy golly Moses. I’ve never put a publishing company on my auto buy list, but if this is what Medallion is putting out, considering the other recent stellar reviews here at AAR, I might just have to change my mind. Because this was, hands down, the best romantic suspense I’ve read since Angels Fall. And since Angels Fall is my #1 Romantic Suspense of all time, that makes this book pretty damn good.

How can I describe all that went right in this book? (And isn’t that a pleasure for a change?) Suffice to say that Ms. Lucia doesn’t make a single mistake. The settings, ranging from Rabat to the Sahara to Cornwall, demonstrate either extensive research or personal experience, and either way are absolutely impeccable. … As I progressed through the book I started to get goosebumps – the ones you get when everything has been going swimmingly and you’re on tenterhooks, scared that it will all go to pot and hoping against all hope that it won’t. Except that this time, it doesn’t. Yes! Marianne and Alan both change a lot over the course of the book, with such equality of give-and-take and mutual influence that I marvel at the balance Ms. Lucia was able to strike. Marianne is one of the most successful modern innocents I’ve read because her personal and circumstantial histories are so credible; by the end she has come into her own, and it’s terrific to read about. And Alan is charming hero with a tendency to verbosity that masks his reserved core; he comes to grips with his actions and their consequences, and when they finally make it together I heaved a sigh of happiness. Warmfuzzyfeeling.  (‘A’ and Desert Isle Keeper)

Jean Wan, All About Romance

Night Owl Reviews 

This fast paced mystery kept me interested from the first page until the last…. I highly recommend this book to any reader that likes some romance with their mysteries or ones that like some mystery with their romance. Either way, this is an excellent story.  (4.5 out of 5, and a Reviewer Top Pick)

Terri, Night Owl Romance

The author does a great job sharing the wonders of the desert as well as the growth of these two people with us. Most of us will never live through their circumstances but I think most readers can relate in some way to the journey of discovery they both make about themselves. Secondary characters help them along and add some unique contributions to our enjoyment of the story and the suspense that surrounds the primary characters. This is a well crafted tale that takes us places we may never go on our own.   (5 hearts out of 5)

Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio 

DANGEROUS LIES, by Anna Louise Lucia, is a passionate, dangerous journey that makes for an exciting read. Ms. Lucia has written a story with great characters, some nasty conflicts and a twisting plot… We see Alan…in a race against time, to get Mari back safely. If he makes it in time, will she ever forgive him for putting her in such danger? Grab a copy of DANGEROUS LIES and see what happens!  (4.5 out of 5 Pixies)

Becky Gaede, Dark Angel Reviews


Run Among Thorns

A man does not run among thorns for no reason.
Either he is chasing a snake, or a snake is chasing him.

In a crisis moment of her life, Jenny Waring did something exceptional.

Now the authorities want to know how and why she killed three armed men.

Kier McAllister’s job is to break Jenny Waring. He’s asking a lot of questions, and he isn’t asking nicely. But it’s his job to find out why she could take out the bad guys like a seasoned agent.

McAllister’s thinks he’s in control. The balance of power is shifting, however. It isn’t his job to care about how he achieves his goal. Yet Jenny’s accusing eyes are starting to hold for him, and that isn’t good at all. Not when the people he works for aren’t about to leave her alone.

She started out being his job. Will she wind up being his redemption?

Available June 2008 from Medallion Press

BUY NOW from Amazon

Read an excerpt.  (Link will open a blog page – scroll down for the excerpt!)


“Excellent… an all-round compelling escape,” 

4½ stars, Romantic Times.  (Full review will be available to non-subscribers in July.)

Night Owl Reviews

  “Ms Lucia weaves a very suspenseful tale with just the correct amount of romance thrown in. I could not put this book down and finished it in one day. This is a definite keeper.”  (4½ out of 5 hearts)

Robin of Night Owl Reviews.  Click here for full review.

This is an exciting romantic suspense… Readers will relish this character driven espionage romantic thriller.”

Harriet Klausner.  Click here for full review.

“Good character development… and a riveting plot make RUN AMONG THORNS an excellent read. Give RUN AMONG THORNS a chance to thrill you; you’ll be glad you did.” 

Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

“The action at the climax is full of action and suspense. The author does a great job of pacing her story and revealing the “truth” behind the Agency’s plan” (3½ hearts)

Lynn Bushey, The Romance Studio. 

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