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When death is a desert sunrise away, and survival depends on trust, the most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself.

Available June 2009 from
Medallion Press


How can you trust your heart when it calls your enemy, lover?

Available June 2008 from
Medallion Press

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About Me

When I was about eight years old, I sat down at my Dad’s old portable type writer and banged out the title page for my first completed story, “The Adventures of Nougat the Newt.”

My fate was sealed.

I’d have saved a lot of time and genre angst if I’d take the two big hints in that enterprise: a) It was about Adventures and b) there was a chapter called The Mating Season.

Through school, university, voluntary work and my first paid job I kept on writing. Half-started books, half-finished poems, half-baked ideas. But It wasn’t until I picked up an adventurous romance around the new millennium, and then discovered’s Community message boards, that the thought, “I wonder if I could do that?” crossed my mind.

It turned out I could.

My first book, RUN AMONG THORNS, was released by Medallion Press in June 2008.  My second, DANGEROUS LIES, followed it in June 2009.

Whatever you can do
Or dream you can do
Begin it Now.

Boldness has Genius
Magic and Power in it.

My office, with Cleo and Chrissy guarding the in-trays.


About My Books

There’s no such thing as an ordinary person.

I passionately believe in that.

I’m pretty ordinary myself. Thirties, married, average height, average weight. I get up, I get online, I go to work, I come home, cook, eat, write and sleep. But I’ve also proposed marriage over a prawn curry cooked on the shores of Ennerdale Water, climbed mountains in a dress and an Icelandic wool poncho and played extreme tag in the African bush.

Exploring Hermitage Castle.

Many of my stories play with this theme, that an ordinary person might be going about the business of their life until something happens, something changes and changes their whole world. They become heroes.

All over the world, every day, people do extraordinary things. I love to write the stories that reflect the ability of apparently everyday people to do amazing things, and overcome incredible odds.

After all, we all have it in us to be heroes and heroines.

(You can find out more about me on my Media page!)

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