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When death is a desert sunrise away, and survival depends on trust, the most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself.

Available June 2009 from
Medallion Press


How can you trust your heart when it calls your enemy, lover?

Available June 2008 from
Medallion Press

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I don’t often leave home without a camera. When you live by a National Park, in the same County as two designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and close to what may soon be TWO World Heritage Sites, you’d be a fool to!

Here are some of my favourite snaps from days out, research trips, holidays and just moments of escape. I hope you enjoy them.

I’ll add to this page as I take more, so keep checking back!

Galloway Longhouse

A Galloway Longhouse, not unlike the type I based Kier McAllister’s cottage on, for Run Among Thorns.

The Old Bridge of Minnoch


The Old Bridge of Minnoch - a beautiful, ancient bridge hidden away in the Galloway Forest, near one of our favourite hideaways.  Every holiday spent here starts with a walk to the Old Bridge, no matter what the weather or the time.


At the RWA Literacy Signing in San Francisco in 2008, signing my first book in company with hundreds of other romance authors.  A truly memorable moment.

Who cares if it’s raining? Husband snapped this one of me on a walk - it’s not exactly flattering, but who cares? We were having fun.

Head Cat Pippi, demonstrating her gorgeousness in the garden.

Looking down into Borrowdale, simply the most beautiful valley in the world.

front garden
My tiny little oasis of a front garden. I do a lot of writing in that arbour seat in summer.

I’m a sucker for cottage garden plants. This aquilegia is a star performer!

Now THAT’S what I call a treehouse!¬† One of my favourite places in the world, this is the Treehouse at the Alnwick Garden.

View from a gym.  No treadmills and sweaty rowers for me - I go outside for exercise!

Higham Hall
This gorgeous venue is Higham Hall, where I delivered my first ever writing workshop… and found I liked doing that almost as much as writing.

Lincoln Cathedral
The magnificent Lincoln Cathedral. Lincoln was the venue for a wonderful writing weekend to celebrate the publication of Kate Walker’s 50th title.

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