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When death is a desert sunrise away, and survival depends on trust, the most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself.

Available June 2009 from
Medallion Press


How can you trust your heart when it calls your enemy, lover?

Available June 2008 from
Medallion Press

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Anna Louise Lucia lives on the edge of the English Lake District with her husband and four demanding cats. With castles, mountains, stone circles, ancient woodlands, Roman roads, high moors, mirrored lakes and sweet, clear rivers on her doorstep, it’s hardly surprising that landscapes play an important part in Anna’s books.

After completing a degree in Wildlife and Landscape Conservation, Anna came to live by the Lake District in 1996. Working for the NHS helping managers and clinicians involve people in their decision making doesn’t leave much time for writing, but early mornings, late nights and long lunch breaks all help keep the words coming.

Anna has been making up stories for as long as she can remember, but first sat down to write a novel in 2001. She rewrote it in 2002. And 2005. And 2006. In between rewrites, she wrote three other books, but the first one just wouldn’t go away.

She loves to write stories where ordinary people do extraordinary things, where they experience wild adventures and face up to risk, temptation and death. After all, love is dangerous.

Her first book, a romantic suspense titled RUN AMONG THORNS was published by Medallion Press in June 2008.  DANGEROUS LIES was released in June 2009.

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Anna is a member of the US Romance Writers of America, the UK Romantic Novelists Association and the Society of Authors. Contact her by e-mail for photographs and further information. Below are some useful links for information about romance and romantic fiction.

RNA - About Romantic Fiction

RWA - About Romance

Medallion Press


RUN AMONG THORNS can be ordered direct from Medallion Press from June 2008. Click on the ‘Booksellers’ tab.

Medallion Press also distributes through the Independent Publisher’s Group.

Mini Interview

When did you start writing?
I started writing for publication in summer 2001, in the creaky draughty office in our old house, sitting on a chair I rescued from a skip! I’d always been an avid reader, and always written snippets of stories and fables, poems and prayers. Then, one day, something clicked, and that long urge to ‘be a writer’ matured into the willingness to BICHOK (Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard).

What is your typical day like?
I still work full-time (as do many writers), but my day starts and ends with my computer. I shuffle out of the bedroom after the alarm goes off, trip over a few cats on the landing, and detour into my office/spare bedroom to switch the computer on, often with my eyes still closed. After a shower, I’m back at the computer, swathed in a multitude of towels, dealing with e-mails and blogs, keeping up with friends and family. Then off to work, and, if the day allows, scuttling away at lunchtime to some coffee shop, bistro or even river bank to write/edit/proof read for half an hour or so. Back to work, and then either an evening meeting or back home to Husband and the cats, and to the computer again.

Taking time out to write is such a trial in summer!

My day job’s quite intense, so I don’t get a lot of writing done in the evening, although I’ll do other writing business then. My big writing time is at the weekend, ensconced in my office with my cats around me – Pippi on my lap, Minnie on the bed, and Cleo and Chrissy on top of the in-trays on the shelf over my desk.¬† Give me a cup of coffee, and put The Prodigy on iTunes, and the words will flow!

To be honest, though, there is no typical day. Every one is different, and with the characters in the driving seat, every one is a wild ride!

How many books have you written and where do you get your ideas?
I’ve now written four books (well, nearly) although two of those I’ve extensively rewritten, so they possible count as another two!¬† My ideas just happen.¬† Sometimes they’re a scene that’s like a daydream you can’t get rid of until you get it down on the page.¬† Sometimes I get an idea from a ‘what-if?’ question, sometimes from thinking about a character I have in mind.¬† Mostly I ‘see’ my ideas, like I’m watching a movie, and write down what I see.¬† On one memorable occasion, I got an idea from a set of parish council minutes!

How do you research your books?
Um, badly.¬† And anxiously.¬† Since I have very little writing time, if I stopped to research every time I came across something I wasn’t sure about I’d never finish a book. Instead, I get down the basic story first, then do online research, study maps, buy some travel guides, and change anything that isn’t right. Doesn’t that sound terrible? But, I have to say, I’m not often far off, which is frankly scary!

I don’t usually talk to people direct for research, unless I already know them.¬† One big exception was when I was trying to find out about an emergency stop procedure on a high speed train system.¬† It was almost impossible to find someone who knew about it, until, with Dad’s help, I found Carl, the marvellous, unashamed train-spotter type who could answer ALL my questions AND understood why I was asking them!¬† Thank you, Carl!¬† You’re a total god!

Why do you write romantic suspense?
I adore love stories.¬† Every movie or book I’ve ever seen or read that didn’t have a romantic relationship in it left me thinking of ways to get one in there.¬† I was always going to be writing some form of romance.

But it’s hard to write straight contemporary romance when the stories keep developing car chases in the middle.¬† It’s like trying to be a swimwear model when you keep breaking out in a rash!¬† Seriously, though, I love adventures, I crave adventure.¬† And I love to put my characters in impossible, high-stakes, dangerous situations. I love romance… but I’ve got to have some action!

How long did it take you to write your first book?
*mumble mumble* years. I know, I was a slow learner.¬† I’ve put this book aside and come back to it so many times, it’s impossible to tell.¬† I wrote the first draft in about seven months, took another month to do lightning revisions, then later I rewrote it (twice!) and that took longer.¬† I can do 25 pages in a day, but days that I can write all day are rare and wonderful things, and I’d estimate that only 50% of the time I spend on producing a book is spent writing the first draft. In any case, how I write a book changes nearly every time I start something new!

What single piece of advice would you give an aspiring writer?
Don’t defeat yourself.¬† If an editor says they’re interested, believe them.¬† If they want revisions, do them.¬† If they request a story, send it, and send it in good time.¬† If you get a rejection (and you will, lots of them) don’t think of it as a rejection of everything you’ve ever written, or ever will.¬† It’s not a perpetual, all encompassing “no”, it’s a “no” for this book, for this editor/agent, for this time.¬† Keep writing what you love, and write it with passion, belief and dedication.¬† I could go on and on, but it comes back to that one thing¬†- Don’t defeat yourself.

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