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When death is a desert sunrise away, and survival depends on trust, the most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself.

Available June 2009 from
Medallion Press


How can you trust your heart when it calls your enemy, lover?

Available June 2008 from
Medallion Press

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30th June 2009

My brand new site design for the website is now live, courtesy of the genius of Stonecreek Media.   I wanted a fresh design to reflect the mood and setting of Dangerous Lies, and I love it!

20th May 2009

I’m delighted that All About Romance¬†have given Dangerous Lies an A, and Desert Isle Keeper status!¬† Visit my Books page for more information.

17th May 2009 

Dangerous Lies is available NOW on Amazon.¬† As usual, the online booksellers are on the ball, and Dangerous Lies is available there ahead of it’s June release date!

3rd February 2009

The first reviews for Dangerous Lies are in, and they’re wonderful! I’ve received 5 hearts (out of 5!) from The Romance Studio, 4¬Ĺ Pixies (out of 5) from Dark Angel Reviews, and 4¬Ĺ (out of 5) and a Reviewer Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews! For more from the reviews, see my Books page!

30th May 2008

I’m thrilled to announce that Romantic Times Book Club Magazine has reviewed Run Among Thorns and awarded it a coveted 4¬Ĺ stars!¬† They’re calling it, “excellent… an all-round compelling escape.”

11th May 2008

A little advance warning!¬† I’m delighted to announce that I will be giving a workshop at the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference in Chichester,¬†4th – 6th July.¬† My workshop will be on Sense of Place – using setting in your story.¬† The place we are in has a profound impact on how we feel, how we relate to our surroungings and to each other.¬† The same goes for our characters.¬† Find out how to use setting to develop characterisation, build tension and reveal emotion – without loading down your manuscript with descriptive text.

10th May 2008

Amazon is telling me that Run Among Thorns is in stock already Рa lovely surprise.  BUY NOW from Amazon

29th April 2008

My first review is up – and it’s a good one: four and a half hearts (out of five) and a Reviewer Top Pick from Robin and Night Owl Reviews!¬† See more on my books page!

28th August 2007

I have a cover!  You can see the lovely new cover for RUN AMONG THORNS on my books page.  Just a tip Рthe Medallion Press site has a nifty little spinning book cover, so you can see the spine and the back cover, too!

16th August 2007

I’m excited to tell you that I have a release date for DANGEROUS LIES. This desert story about the power of lies, guilt and a love that’s stronger than both of them will be available in June 2009.

22nd May 2007

My gorgeous new website just went live! Soon after I sold (see below!) I started asking around about web designers, and looking at fellow authors’ sites. Very quickly I wound up at the Stonecreek Media site.

I fell in love.

I wanted a site that reflected me, my books, and a little of my life – and I think that’s just what we’ve achieved. I’m so chuffed. Pop on over to my blog page and let me know how you like my new website!

13th March 2007

March is turning into a very good month for me. I’m excited to announce that my second book will be published by Medallion Press sometime in 2009!

DANGEROUS LIES is the story of Alan Waring (Jenny’s brother from Run Among Thorns) and his shy heroine Marianne. An apparently harmless holiday romance goes horribly wrong when Alan’s secret work intrudes¬†- and a destructive mix of corrosive guilt and desperate love sends him halfway across North Africa in search of the woman he endangered.

1st March 2007

I’m up for an Award! I’m on the shortlist for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s fabulous New Writer’s Scheme prize, the Joan Hessayon Award. The Award is for a MS that has been through the NWS scheme and subsequently been accepted for publication, and RUN AMONG THORNS qualifies. I’ve just received my complimentary ticket for the RNA Summer Party on 30th May.

Already I’m wondering what to wear!

26th Sept 2006

I’m delighted to announce that my first book will be published by Medallion Press in June 2008!

The manuscript, now called RUN AMONG THORNS, has been evolving since 2001 and was the first story I ever completed. It’s been edited, tweaked, lengthened, shortened and mainstreamed. I’ve taken out a wedding, added a sub plot, changed the end, reworked the middle and generally revised the whole story while collecting rejections, requests for revisions and some rather nice competition results.

A man does not Run Among Thorns for no reason:
Either he is chasing a snake or a snake is chasing him.

See below for my first sale story, or find out about RUN AMONG THORNS on my books page.

First Sale

It had been a bad day. Hard, long, and full of annoying and upsetting things. You know the kind of day √Ę‚ā¨‚Äú the kind that begs for medicinal chocolate and therapeutic wine. I came home, greeted our four cats, and moved to check voicemail, thinking about making a cup of tea, or pouring a hot bath.

There was a message. An American accent.

Now, when you’re an English author, submitting to US publishers, nothing makes your heart skip a beat quite so effectively as an American accent. It could have been Julie or Michelle, but their anglicised tones I know very well. It might have been Sela, but I’d have recognised her voice, too.

This voice didn’t belong to any of them. In the first few words, my stomach clenched, my heart went bu-DUMP and I lost my peripheral vision. I didn’t lose my hearing. The lovely, warm voice told me she was an editor, that she worked for Medallion Press, and that she’d been trying really hard to get in touch with me.

I remember the paper I wrote on was blue. I remember the pencil was blunt and I was afraid I’d written down her number wrong.

Of course, a sane, sensible person would have simply called back and found out what was what. On this occasion I was neither sane nor sensible. Instead, I shrieked, hyperventilated, turned round and round on the spot a few times (I’m really not kidding) and then ran upstairs and phoned Julie. Julie quite sensibly and sanely pointed out that before panicking I should probably phone the editor back!

I did. My book, she explained, had been stranded in slush for a while, but they’d found it, loved it, and wanted to buy it. I think I overdid the striving for professionalism and ended up sounding faintly bored, when in fact my heart was racing and I felt dizzy.

I began the round of phone calls (my Mum was quite possibly more exultant even than me!) and e-mails and when Husband came home, I greeted him at the door with the news. Without saying a word, he walked past me to the kitchen, took a bottle of champagne out of the cupboard and slid it into the fridge. A man in a million!

Timeline of a Book
  • Summer 2001 – I started writing a book I never thought I’d finish, called McAllister’s Wife
  • Dec 2001 – I realised I actually WAS going to finish my first ever MS, and queried Publisher #1 with it
  • Jan 2002 – I had a request for a full from Publisher #1
  • Spring 2002 – submitted the full. And waited. And waited.
  • Spring 2003 – Got a phone call from Publisher #1 requesting revisions. Completed the revisions, sent them off. Did some more waiting.
  • April 2003 – Heard that the MS had been passed up to the Senior Editor with a recommendation to buy.
  • June 2003 – Received a rejection by letter (ouch).
  • Autumn 2004 – Dug out the MS, revised it and submitted it to the Romance Junkies contest and Golden Heart.
  • Sometime after – It scored well in the RJ contest, and got a request from Medallion Press, and from Publisher #3.
  • Sometime after that – GH scores came back. Two perfect scores, but still didn’t final.
  • April 2005 – Submitted revised MS to Medallion Press and Publisher #3.
  • Sept 2005 – Submitted partials to ten other pubs, US and UK. Got some rejections, some never heard from.
  • June 2006 – Received an offer from Publisher #3. Turned it down.
  • Sept 2006 – Received an offer from Medallion Press. Accepted!

Sometime in the middle of all that, I wrote, completed, submitted and received rejections for two other stories, and have almost completed another one, so I wasn’t always working on this one book. But it does go to show the course of true love (stories) never did run smooth…

It also proves you should never give up.

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